5 Fun Drinking Games

5 Fun Drinking Games


Turn the party up a notch with these fun drinking games! We share 5 of our favorite drinking games that can be played to keep the party entertaining. Because who doesn't need another reason to have fun?


1. Shot Glass Chess

Raise the stakes in your next game of chess! You will be sure to have a great night with your friends playing this wildly sophisticated game. The chess drinking game set is equipped with 32 mini shooting glasses and a chess board. Be sure to play this one responsibly!


2. Mini Golf Drinking Game

Test your golf skill with this mini golf drinking game. This putt putt drinking game will be sure to entertain you with hours of fun. Each golf style drinking game set includes 6 glass shot glasses, 2 mini golf putters, 2 metal balls, a flag and a real sand pit!


3. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette involves a spinning wheel and a ball, just like a regular type of roulette. However, the main difference is that instead of winning money, you get to drink a shot, hence the name. Inside of the shot you can pour tequila, whiskey, aftershock, or whatever liquor you like, so be creative.


4. Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game

The stakes just got higher and Tic Tac Toe just got fun. Glass Tic Tac Toe drinking game transforms the classic boredom buster into a risky grown-up game of skill. This game includes 1 board and 9 drinking shots for you to put your skills to the test. 


5. Spin the Shot



Just pour your favorite liquor or spirit into the provided shot glass, spin the finger, and whoever gets the finger must drink. Or, make up your own rules for extra fun.


Have a good party and drink responsibly!